Brazil shines under a global spotlight, and begins a new period of prosperity and opportunity never seen in my lifetime. Now more than ever, we see a growing harmony and mutual beneficial interest between the two nations.

Since 2003, our mission has been to bring Brazil a little closer to the United States. Brazil Station, Inc. provides Portuguese language services, including corporate education and training, translation, relocation and incorporation services in Brazil, marketing and cross-cultural consulting, as well as a range of Portuguese classes for people learning the language, professional courses in Brazilian Law and Business Portuguese, and topics on Brazilian music and history.

As the first company in the tri-state area dedicated solely to accessing Brazil, our professionals are native Brazilians and experts in language, culture, communication and education. We also offer educational and social opportunities for people from both countries to share their love of Brazilian culture and company.

As Brazil and the United States find opportunities together, our company will continue to facilitate and strengthen that relationship, because I have learned and benefited so much from both countries.

Aparecida Teixeira

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  • Language Tips

    Some movie titles totally change when translated into Portuguese.

    • Memento = Amnésia (Amnesia)
    • Shane = Os brutos também amam (Brutish people love too)
    • The Godfather = O poderoso chefão (The powerful big boss)